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Miss Payne


Classroom Assistants: 

Mrs Cattle & Mrs Farrell



Meet the Teacher - Year 1
Year Plan 2019-20
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RSE KS1 Overview

An introduction to Year 1


Moving into Year 1 is a huge step for the children (and the parents!) 

After mastering the school routine, the children return for the second year of their school journey looking taller, wiser and ready for a challenge. The Year 1 class teacher is Miss Payne. She loves music and gets the class singing a lot! Mrs Cattle joins us on Mondays and Tuesdays to help us with our learning, and on Tuesday afternoons Mrs Farrell teaches us lots of new art skills.


Although our typical day will be more structured, we incorporate different and creative ways of learning and we encourage students to explore and discover independently. We do lots of practical lessons in Year 1 and we like to learn new concepts by being hands-on, taking part in practical experiments, problem solving and being creative. We learn lots of new mathematics skills and make huge improvements in our writing. A big part of Year 1 is Phonics. We will develop our reading skills through daily phonics lessons and lots of interactive games. We will learn ‘tricky words’ and spelling rules, but we will often be encouraged to “sound it out!” There is a Phonics Screening Test in the summer term to see if children are secure in their phonics knowledge.


Throughout the year, we learn about different topics that are based on themes. These include ‘Victorian Schools and Toys’, ‘Poles Apart’ and ‘Flight’. We also do a short block of lessons based on Local Studies at the beginning of the year and a mini topic based on a theme relevant to that year, at the end of the term! This year we will be looking at the Olympics 2021! Please explore our website for examples of the exciting ways we learn!