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Mr Mc Cumisky

Classroom assistants: Mrs Murphy



Our learning adventure.......

Meet the Teacher - Year 4 - 2020
Year Plan 2020-21
Long-term English Plan 2020-21
Long-term Maths Plan 2020-21
LKS2 RSA Overview

Introduction to Falcons

Welcome to Falcons! Our class teacher is Mr McCumisky and our teaching assistant is Mrs Murphy. 


We study a variety of different topics in Falcons. These include a local study of the growing in Evesham, The Romans, The World Around Us and Crime and Punishment.


By the end of Falcons we all have a goal to know our times tables up to 12x12! We sing a variety of songs and raps to help us to remember these and play lots of online games which makes learning them so much fun. We also enjoy being scientists and often learn through practical investigations. So far we have observed the process of a solid turning into a liquid using ice cubes, thermometers and stopwatches!

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