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Mrs Bayliss

Classroom assistants: Mrs Dobrowolska



Our learning adventure...........

Meet the teacher 2020
Wider curriculum objectives
Maths objectives SP1 2020
Overview Year 5 2020
English objectives SP1 2020
UKS2 RSA Overview

Introduction to Penguins

Welcome to Penguins!  This year Mrs Bayliss, and Mrs Dobrowolska are leading Penguins through the year; the final year at St Mary’s for some of our pupils. 

We have a busy year planned, with us focusing on three many topics; the Anglo-Saxons, Ancient Greece and Wild waters. These topics will cover the History and Geography National Curriculum as well as link in with our English, art and DT too.

We are slowly easing back into our learning after not being in school for some time. We will be spending time looking at PSHE wellbeing units and our recovery curriculum to help us all adjust back to school life. 

To start our year we will be looking at the geography of our lovely town, then shifting our focus to history by looking at the end of the Roman era, Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Vikings. We are starting off Science this year with the physics based topics of space and then forces.  Our English focus will start off with the book Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce, which will link in with our space research as well. In R.E we are looking at the Creation story of our own faith and other religions, followed by Miracles and Advent. 

Just before half term, our year 5 students will embark on our annual residential retreat to Alton Castle in Staffordshire for lots of great activities and fun.

In the Summer term, we will complete rivers investigations and have more of a biology focus to our Science learning. 

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